9 Best Tablets Under $200, $150 To Buy 2021

Not all of us have the extra budget that can be spent on leisure or even on things that we need. So if you need a tablet for whatever use without a hefty amount of cash then you must consider reading this article. We have a comprehensive list of the best tablets under 200 dollars.

Top 9 Best Tablets Under 200 Dollars

1. Fire HD 10 Tablet 64 GB - Overall Best

There is no doubt that Amazon has been creating great tablets throughout the years of its existence. They just started out making kindle readers which eventually paved the way to take their game to the next level by creating full-pledge tablets. This Fire HD 10 Tablet is a must-have on your bucket list if you need a tablet even if you have a limited budget. Many consider this as the best 10-inch tablet under 200 dollars.

Key Features + Pros:

  • Strong Wi-Fi signal: The dual-band Wi-Fi signal has enhanced the capacity of the tablet to get wireless signals more efficiently.
  • Decent camera specs: It has 2 megapixels on both cameras with HD video recording functionality which makes you capture moments through the camera phone in a clear way.
  • Extended battery life: It can continuously run for 12 hours so that you can use it for longer periods.
  • Alexa feature: This will allow you to use the tablet hands-free with the use of voice commands.
  • USB-C feature: You can charge this tablet quickly without compromising the quality of holding charge.
  • HD screen: It has a 1080p HD screen that will allow you to enjoy great graphics.
  • Superb performance: The 2 GHz octa-core processor is the one responsible for the awesome speed and lag-free experience that this tablet provides.


  • The Alexa talk feature is not that responsive sometimes.

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 inch 32 GB - Best Tablet Under $150

Samsung has done a great job of providing great devices for all walks of life. Just like this tablet, even though it is made by this premium brand, it’s the price that is just right for all. It is affordable and at the same time will not compromise anything in terms of features and quality. This is why it is considered as many as the best Samsung tablet under $200.

Key Features + Pros:

  • Minimum bezel: It makes the screen maximized so that you’ll have a wider view of what you are doing with the tablet.
  • Surround sound: This will give you the best feeling while you are listening to your playlist or watching movies.
  • Expandable storage: You can upgrade the 32 GB default memory up to 512 GB by just inserting a micro SD card.
  • Long operating hours: It can last for up to 13 hours of continuous use or more if it is just on standby mode.
  • Durable: It is made of the best materials making it last for a long time.
  • Stylish: This tablet looks extraordinarily good because of the stylish casing and sleek look that it has.


  • The brightness sets to default automatically in some instances.

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab A Kids Edition 8 inch

In today’s world, technology does not discriminate against anyone. So it does not matter whether you are a kid or an adult, there is always a tablet that is made for you. So if you have a kid and you want to train them on how to use modern technology then this tablet is a good starting point. It is cheap and at the same time very durable and functional which is perfect for kids. Also, it is user-friendly and built especially for children meaning they can’t access any contents that are adult-related giving you peace of mind at all times even if you are away making this as one of the best kid tablets under $200.

Key Features + Pros:

  • Sturdy case: This is perfect since the ones that will use the tablet are kids that make it susceptible to damages. As a result, you’ll be able to have peace of mind that the tablet will not break down easily.
  • Cute design: Kids are visual. So they must be enticed of what they are seeing for them to enjoy it. This is why the design of this tablet will fit every kid's liking.
  • Kid safety mode: It gives you the guarantee that your kids will not have any access to adult-based content.
  • Extended battery life: The life of the battery can last for up to 13 hours straight on every full charge.
  • Affordable price: You do not have to spend that much to train your child to use the latest technology that we have. This is why Samsung has solved this dilemma by creating this tablet that is both affordable and high-quality. 


  • A little bit slow: This is expected because of the low specifications that it has that are built for a younger audience.

4. All-new Fire HD 8 Plus Tablet

Amazon has never failed to impress when it comes to their tablets. They have released this newest Fire HD 8 Plus tablet that combines the quality of premium tablets at an affordable price. So if you want a reliable tablet for your daily tasks then you have not to worry anymore even if you are on a budget because this Fire HD tablet is just right for you.

Key Features + Pros:

  • HD display: The 8-inch display that this tablet has will allow you to view great graphics that are perfect for multimedia use. This is why some consider this as the best 8 inch tablet under $150 because of the superb quality of its display.
  • Quick charging feature: The USB-C will allow you to charge the tablet as quickly as possible so that you can enjoy it immediately.
  • Very responsive: The quad-core processor and 3 GB ram that is integrated inside this tablet is the one responsible for the speedy performance of the tablet.
  • Expandable internal storage: You can increase the internal storage for up to 1 terabyte.
  • Built-in apps included: You can save a lot of time in installing apps because there are already pre-installed apps on it once you buy it.
  • Alexa assistant: You’ll be able to operate this tablet without the need to touch the panel by just using voice commands.
  • Game mode: This will hook you up in gaming because you’ll not get distracted every time you are playing.
  • Wireless charging: You can use the charging dock which allows you to charge this tablet without the need for messy wires.


  • Sometimes the Wi-Fi connectivity tends to fluctuate.

5. Lenovo Tab M10 Plus, 10.3 inch Android Tablet

There is no doubt that Lenovo is one of the best brands when it comes to laptops and they are also eventually making a name in the tablet industry. One proof is this Lenovo Tab M10 Plus. It is equipped with groundbreaking technology such as an FHD screen which has an octa-core processor inside of it. This is pretty extraordinary; remember that this android tablet is in the affordable price range.

Key Features + Pros:

  • Highly-durable: This Lenovo tab is made of the finest components which will allow the tablet to last for a long time.
  • Great design: It looks really fine because of the stylish slim casing that it has.
  • Kid’s mode: It allows you to set the mode of the tablet that is suitable for kids. This will give you peace of mind that they will not be able to access adult content. Also, the eye-protection will keep your kids from experiencing eye strains.
  • Extended battery life:  You’ll not have to worry about the battery getting drained easily as it has high mAH that allows it to last.
  • Clear sounds: It has a Dopoundsy Atmos that guarantees solid audio for much better sound listening and movie-watching experience.
  • Strong wireless connectivity: It has dual bands and multiple wireless protocols for various wireless connection options.


  • Not good for multi-tasking and demanding apps. This is because it only has medium-rated specifications.

6. Dragon Touch Notepad K10 Android Tablet

Precision and reliable built are what Dragon is known for. Even though this brand is considered a new player in the industry, many customers dig it and happy with their products. Just like this tablet that they have recently produced. Introducing the Dragon Touch Notepad K10, it has one of a kind features that is definitely a tool that will keep you productive.

Key Features + Pros:

  • Highly-durable: This tablet will not deteriorate easily because it is made of the best possible materials.
  • Extremely affordable: It is one of the most affordable tablets right now in the market. Some consider this as the best 10 inch tablet under $150. It has great features even if it has a low price.
  • Excellent wireless connectivity: This tablet promises strong wireless connectivity on both Wi-Fi and other wireless protocols such as Bluetooth.
  • Great design: You’ll surely enjoy using this tablet as it looks super cool and will add a lot of wow factor to yourself.
  • Stunning display: The IPS functionality of the screen will allow you to have crystal-clear graphics which is perfect for a multimedia experience.
  • Storage can be increased: You have the power to add up more storage to the internal memory of this tablet. So that you can store more files in it.
  • Decent camera specs: It has an 8 and 2 MP in rear and front to ensure that you’ll capture photos or footages with decent quality.


  • The sound quality is below satisfactory.

7. VANKYO MatrixPad S30 10”

Keeping at pace in the modern world that we have is essential. Such as getting updated with the latest news and with our pears are awesome. Thanks to technology as we can do all of it even if we are “on the go”. With the help of tablets, we can work, connect, and have some leisure everywhere we are. In this manner, this Vankyo MatrixPad is a great buy. This is considered as one of the best tablets under 150 dollars because of its promising features and build quality.

Key Features + Pros:

  • 6000 mAh battery capacity: This large capacity can make the tablet last for approximately 15 hours of continuous use.
  • Expandable storage: You can increase the internal storage of up to 128 GB so that you can store more files in it.
  • Full HD screen: This tablet has a resolution of 1920 x 1200 IPS display that will allow you to enjoy a wider view of the screen.
  • High-quality cameras: This tablet has a 13 MP camera at the rear and 8 in front which makes you capture and enjoy high-quality photos and footage.
  • GPS and other wireless connectivity options: You can utilize the GPS if you want to go somewhere or connect your tablet on other devices or in an existing Wi-Fi connection without any hassles.
  • Beautiful design: It has a great-looking casing and color combination that will make you look super impressive while you are using it.


  • Sometimes the SD card resets automatically.

8. ASUS ZenPad 10.1 inch

In the tech world, you are probably several years behind if you know nothing about Asus. This brand is probably one of the leaders in the gaming world by providing the best rigs. They combine style, great looks, and durability that is unmatched by any other brands.

So if you choose this brand, you’ll surely never go wrong. It has all the features that you needed to enhance your user experience. The precision touch panel is made just right to ensure that you’ll not experience any ghosting while you are using it. For the best android tablet under 200 dollars, put this on your bucket list!

Key Features + Pros:

  • Lightweight: It only weighs a little more than 1 pound which makes it super portable and comfy to use.
  • DTS headphone integration: This will bring 701 virtual surround sound on your headphones for better audio quality.
  • Superb design: This tablet has a stylish casing with a nice color combination that makes it one of the best when it comes to the design.
  • Durable: Because it is made of premium materials, it is guaranteed that it will last for a long time.
  • IPS display (1280 x 800): This is responsible for the high-definition graphics that you will see on the screen every time you are using this tablet.


  • The battery life is not that extended as it was promised.

9. ZTE K92 Primetime 10.1 inch Tablet

ZTE has done a good job of integrating a Snapdragon 625 chipset on this tablet. This is because there is no question that Snapdragon is a very reliable component in making the tablet competitive and up to the standards. So also because of that, you can use it for various tasks, even for light gaming! This makes it a true value for your money as you have a handy tool that you can use daily while you are “on the go”.

Key Features + Pros:

  • Excellent wireless connections: It has various wireless options that you can use to connect to the internet or your tablet to other devices.
  • Great performance: The snapdragon chipset is the one responsible for the lag-free performance that this tablet has made your usage of it more satisfying.
  • FM radio: You can listen to your favorite radio stations without the need to put an actual receiver.
  • Quick launch button: If you are in a rush, you can simply click the quick launch button so that you can lessen the loading time of the tablet.
  • Stereo Dolby speakers: This makes the sound that is coming from this tablet super solid and has great clarity to enhance your listening and viewing experience.
  •  HD cameras: You can take decent photos and videos anytime and anywhere with the 5 MP cameras integrated on the front and back of this tablet.


  • Warranty not included because this is a discontinued product.

Best Tablets under $200 – Buying Guide

Despite the significantly lower price, you must ensure that you still value quality. This is why you should consider taking a look at these factors to ensure that you’ll be getting the most out of your hard-earned money.

  • Portable: You are searching for 8 to 10-inch tablets because you want the tablet to be portable. So it is important to check if the tablet you are about to buy is not bulky and heavy.
  • Durability: You must only buy tablets that have a proven reputation in terms of durability. This will assure you that you can enjoy the tablet for extended periods as it will not deteriorate quickly.
  • Pricing: You are targeting to buy a tablet that is affordable so basically, you would want to keep it within the 200 USD price range. But be sure that the low price will not compromise your needed features and specifications.
  • Battery life: You’ll need to know how long can a specific tablet could run. One way of determining it is by checking the mAh of the tablet, the higher the better. This means that it can hold a charge for much longer periods compared to the ones with lower mAh.
  • Design: If you are particular with the design, it is a great measure to check the style of the tablet if it fits your preference.
  • High-quality audio and visual components: The screen must have great quality in terms of graphics and the audio must be solid so that you can hear the sound easier.
  • Strong wireless connectivity: It must connect well on Wi-Fi modems and other co-devices without any hassles.


Now we have finished this review article by providing you with the list of the top 9 budget-friendly tablets. There is no doubt that Fire HD 10 Tablet is at the top of our list. Also, do not forget to browse our buying guide anytime you want to if you think that you need to have some refresher for you to buy the most appropriate tablet for your needs. You can always have the best windows tablet under 200 dollars as they are more common. Also, they are relatively cheaper but when it comes to Android and Fire OS it is always better to know the cheaper options for you.

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