How to Reset Samsung Tablet Password?

While it is not ideal to leave your tablet unprotected with a password, there is always a risk of you forgetting your security password. This is why you are advised to use passwords that are not easily forgettable. Suppose you own a Samsung tablet device and ever need to reset the password. I will discuss how you can go about unlocking the device and resetting the password. I will also discuss how you can go about this process without losing all of your important data.

1. Back up Your Data

Resetting a tablet device implies a restoration of to the original settings as they were when the device was newly bought. In this restoration process, all your data, media, and files will typically get erased and be lost forever. Thankfully, there is a way to go about backing up your data before resetting your tablet.

  • I would recommend that you use Dr. Fone’s toolkit to back up your data. It is very user friendly and compatible with thousands of Android devices.
  • After downloading and installing the backup kit on your PC, launch it, and choose from the various options “Phone Backup.” Several other options like WhatsApp Transfer, System Repair, Data Eraser, also exist, but we are only concerned with data backup and restoration, for the purpose of this article.
  • After selecting the option, you will get a prompt asking you to connect your device. Connect your Samsung tablet to the PC with a USB cable. For this to work, “USB debugging has to be enabled on your device. To start the process, select the backup option and watch your data get processed.
  • What I love most about Dr. Fone’s toolkit is its efficiency in processing and backing up data according to type. This makes it possible to select the particular data type you want to backup. This feature is quite important when you only need to backup selected data. All options will be automatically checked at the connection of your device and clicking of the backup button. However, you can manually check and uncheck to select the ones you want.
  • As the backup process continues, you will be able to monitor the progress on your PC screen in real-time. When the process is completed, you can have an overview of your data by viewing the backup. You can now safely go ahead to reset your tablet.

2. Factory Reset with Key Combination

Usually, you can always access the factory reset by going to the “settings” menu on your tablet device. However, it is not always possible to do that when a device becomes unresponsive or can get the right password to get into the tablet. The good news is that there are key combinations that will send a Samsung tablet into recovery mode. To carry out a factory reset on your Samsung tablet with key combinations, here is how to go about it.

  • If your device is still responsive and on, you have to switch it off first of all. Hold down the power button until the device is off.
  • After turning it off, hold down the power and volume up buttons simultaneously to get through to the recovery mode. There are several variations to this step across various Samsung devices. Some tablet requires you to press the home button as well. In others, you access the recovery mode by pressing and holding down the power button and the volume down button.
  • You should feel the tablet vibrate as it goes into the recovery mode, somewhat akin to the vibration you feel when turning the tablet off. You get quite a number of options in the recovery mode, but since you are concerned about factory reset, navigate through the several options with the volume button and choose the wipe data or factory reset.
  • Select the option with the power button. You should get a confirmation message asking to delete user data. Choose and select yes, and allow the process to complete.
  • It may take a while for the erasing process to complete, but in that time, all your data on the phone will be deleted and the device restored to factory setting. Choose the reboot system option to start your device again.

Usually, you should be able to reset your device using these key combinations. Nonetheless, there are special occasions when a device is either unresponsive, frozen, or can’t be turned off. I will discuss what you can do if you find yourself with a frozen or unresponsive device.

3. How to Reset an Unresponsive Samsung Tablet?

In certain cases, a Samsung tablet can be unresponsive and still enter into recovery mode through the right key combinations. However, if you can’t reset a frozen tablet with key combinations, take the battery out, if possible, and insert and switch it on after a while. If it remains unresponsive, try the following steps.

  • Log into Android Device Manager with your Google details to access all the Android devices related to the Google account. Select your Samsung tablet device from the list.
  • After selecting the device, you should get the option to reset your device without any issues.
  • You should know that this action will send your device back to factory settings. However, the erasing process will take quite some time as all your data, media, and files will be deleted.
  • One of these several methods is guaranteed to reset your Samsung tablet device. If you don’t feel confident enough to reset your tablet personally, I would advise that you get it to a qualified professional who will carry out the necessary steps to reset your tablet for you.
  • After your device has been reset, you can now set a new password in the settings menu. However, ensure that you choose a password that you won’t forget easily.

How to Update Your Samsung Tablet’s Operating System

New versions of Android systems become available from time to time. What is more common is for people to ignore the notification update when they get it on their tablets. However, I would advise that you carry out the update as soon as you get the notification.

  • Software updates do take some time, and they require your device to be fully charged or plugged into power so that the device does not go off while updating. Interestingly, you don’t have to wait for an automatic update always, as you can manually check for updates from time to time.
  • To manually check for updates, locate the settings app, and select. If you can find a “General Tab” option, select it and if not, choose “About Device”. Locate the software update menu to check if your operating system is up to date. If it isn’t, you should follow the instructions to perform the update.


Resetting a Samsung tablet’s password is quite easy and straightforward, especially when your device is not frozen or unresponsive. Whatever the problem is with your device, these steps will help you reset your password. However, it is important to remember that while a strong password is necessary, choose one you can easily remember to prevent getting locked out of your device without access to your several data and file. I hope you found the article interesting and informative. If you did, do share it with your friends and family who may find it useful as well.

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